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The Ins and Outs of Auckland NZ

Located on the northern half of the island, Auckland was first settled in the 14th century and is now the largest city on the island of New Zealand, which rests in the Tasman Sea south east of Australia. With temperatures ranging on average from 58 degrees F in July to 75 degrees F in February, snowfall is unlikely as the city has not experienced any since 2011. Renowned for its beautiful wildlife and geographical landmarks, as well as its bustling city center, Auckland offers a variety of attractions to visitors and locals alike.


Natural Landscapes

With 48 volcanoes spread across the mainland, Auckland is part of one of nature’s greatest phenomenon, the Ring of Fire, a ring of volcanoes in the south pacific. Visibly marked with lush, green pastures, the volcanoes make great retreats for picnics and other leisurely activities. If golden beaches are more your style, Auckland is home to numerous beaches offering a relaxing time in the sun for swimmers, surfers and sunbathers alike. If you’re finding yourself a little wild at heart, or just in the mood for some quality time with mother nature, take a guided tour through the rainforest, the mountain sanctuary or even to a secluded mountainside that once served as a movie set.

Physical Activities

If you’re looking to get the heart pumping, Auckland offers an array of sports activities, events and adventures to be found all over the city. For those looking for a relaxing, easy paced competition, choose between the many inland or ocean side golf courses the city has to offer. Whether you like to pair your golfing with a little shopping and entertainment, or with a little wine and locally grown produce, a round of golf any time of the year is sure to hit the spot. If you’re looking for more of an adrenaline rush, check out one of the many adventures Auckland has to offer; repel down a cliff side, inside a cave or across canyons, take a horse back ride across the beach or an atv through the wilderness, or stop by the indoor snow resort for some snowboarding and skiing.


Night (or Day) Life

Looking for a good strong night cap? Why wait for nighttime. Aside from Auckland’s happening night life in the Britomart Precinct, with its new restaurants and bars, Ponsonby Road with its modern twist on fine dining, or any of the city’s many other party central hotspots; Auckland offers an amazing assortment of wineries open day and night for patrons to explore and experience either on their own or as part of a guided wine tour across the island. Whether you take your wine with a mountain, grassland or ocean view, a wine tasting is an sure to be an exceptional way to work your way around the city without breaking the bank.


Rest and Relaxation

If you find yourself worn out from all of the day’s excitement, finish out your day with a restful stay at one of the city’s spa and health centers for a massage or some yoga, then top off the night with a leisurely stroll through one of Auckland’s premiere art galleries and check out the contributions made from artists all over the world.


If you ever find yourself in the south pacific, whether for business or pleasure, a trip to Auckland NZ is sure to entertain. Click here to contact me.