6 Super Fun & Unusual Things to Do in Sydney, Australia


One of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities of the world, Sydney, Australia welcomes one and all with open arms. There is so much to see and do here that the mind boggles with all the numerous options.

But forget kayaking in gorgeous blue Australian waters and the shimmery sandy beaches of this intense city. We have charted out a list of the most unusual and fun things that you must do once you’re on a vacation in Sydney. Greens Walls in Sydney are popular. We saw an awesome green wall done by Chris from www.cityforest.com.au  Read on and get cracking on the most fun to-do list ever!

  1. Go on a Tank Stream Tour

Experience the old sewer system which runs underground the Aussie capital in a tank stream tour. Originally, the fresh water supply for the Sydney of the colonial era, it used to run near Hyde Park and end up at Sydney Cove.

The reason for Sydney being where it is today is the tank stream – fascinating info for history enthusiasts!


  1. Explore the very unusual Museum of Human Disease.

sydney-australiaContaining more than 2500 specimens, called as ‘pots’, the Museum of Human Disease has on display all sorts of human tissue in formalin. Plus, there is tissue and skin from surgically removed organs and from autopsied dead people.

Expect to have an unforgettably creepy time as you gaze at displays of tapeworms and roundworms, and stare in shock at the blackened lungs of smokers and coal miners.

The director of the museum has been reported to say that ‘there is a lot of hurt in every single jar in the museum.’


  1. Have a Haunted Supper at the Old Government House

This eerie looking but charming government house is over 212 years old and a mansion with Georgian architecture. You can go for a haunted candlelight tour in the entire house while learning a lot about the history of the place as well as paranormal activities if any.


  1. Go fish shopping!

  Experience the fish auctions at the Sydney Fish Market with a guided tour around the mouthwatering variety of seafood on display.

Known as the biggest food market in the southern hemisphere, it boasts of the third largest variety of foods in all the markets in the world.

You can even eat cooked or raw seafood right on the very spot.

Remember to go early to miss the crowds and eat well!


  1. A delicious food tour awaits you here.

Can you imagine walking all around Sydney eating everything in sight? A food tour is not only for filling up yourselfsydney for some good food. It has a large number of bakeries, eateries and restaurants that offer their samples in intriguing designs and styles.

From chocolate dumplings to tea cupcakes and matcha desserts, they have nearly everything to eat – you say it and they’ll get it for you. Imagine sharing tidbits of history while eating good food and chatting about different foods.’


  1. Visit Eric the Pliosaur

Nearly sold as jewellery, Eric the Pliosaur is an aquatic dinosaur, whose remains were almost lost to the world. It is of opal shade due to centuries of time that has passed away and it was first discovered in a very tiny Aussie town in the year 1987. This dinosaur has a rich history and is intriguing enough to deserve a visit.